Have You Read Any Books By Kurt Vonnegut?

Black Pen on White Book Page

He belongs to the creation of modern novelists.

Where We Live
From the narrative ‘where we live’, the author introduces us to the rustic village named Cod Bay. There is an old library there and a salesman tells the librarian that the Britannica quantity is worn out, an old one belonging to the era of 1938. He urges them to purchase a new one.

Harrison Bergson
Harrison Bergson is a writing piece about two people watching television-Hazel and her father Harry. Bergson had been out of prison. The folks in the narrative are very emotional and get to talk about the mundane things of life.

The writer must take up the role of a theatre director. He discusses with the actors about real life situations which they could accommodate in the drama. The language that is used is the one of minimalism.

There’s a debate about birth control and ethical suicide since the population of the world is burgeoning. The writ-up is highly exaggerated and too tricky to believe.
Long walk to forever
In this article there’s a description of a man and woman who’d grown up together. They later meet and the man who is in the military comes to know that the woman is getting married. They have a walk and sort out issues and become reunited as a happy couple.

The Foster Portfolio
From the Foster Portfolio, the protagonist is an avid stock broker and he strikes a deal with a rich buyer named Henry. He is convincing and persuasive and he strikes a ton of a bargain.

Miss Temptation
Miss temptation is a description of a voluptuous lady Susana. There are various lechers who stalk her. The story describes the beauty of the girl in ironic humor.

All the King’s Horses
All the King’s Horses is a story of an imprisoned American colonel and his wife. The enemy’s lieutenant participates in a sadistic conversation. He has obtained an inflated ego and hatred for the Yankees.

Tom Edison’s Shaggy Dog
Tom Edison’s shaggy dog is a writing that focuses on a Labrador. The dog is sensitive and intelligent and the dog always hangs his wet nose on the owner’s ankles. The narrator believes that the puppy had taught him a hint or two about casting winning lots from the stock exchange.

New Dictionary
From the New Dictionary, the author narrates his fascination about searching for new words in the lexicon. Dirty words are a treat for the writer, Merritt Island Squirrel Removal, a surreal celestial woods.

Next Door
Next door is meat that describes a wall separating the dwellings of two families. There is a meek description of family life.

More Stately Mansions
More Stately mansions are a frigid narrative about the life span of an aristocratic folks. There’s a lot of telling about the dwellings from the mansion, its decorations, and its furniture. An individual can’t be too impressed with the writing.

The Hyannis Port Story
The Hyannis Port Story is a literature in which the protagonist encounters a Commodore. Daily life is thumbed in vigorous prose.

DP is a moving tale that describes an orphanage run by nuns. The children there come from all nationalities. Many of the kids are going through an identity crises. They feel the loss of being abandoned by their parents.

From the Barn House Effect, the author describes the forces of the mind which he defines as dynamo-psychism. The powers of the mind like clairvoyance, telepathy and exist as a hypothetical conjecture.

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