When Does Your Soul Go?

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Do we decide prior to reincarnating when we will die?

We decide our entire live before we reincarnate, but once we reenter the physical realm we have an opportunity to change our life program and what we would like to accomplish.

We always have free will and we can and do alter our life plan regularly, by doing this we activate alternative lives and parallel universes and our whole perspective changes.

We then follow that path until we reach our goals or once more change what we would like to see and do. Either way, we’re continuously making choices that affect our future or a future life.

It is fluid and changing, one decision affects the next and so on. That’s the reason often times a psychic reading is wrong, nothing is written in concrete. The psychic is reading what is our most likely strategy.

Once we change our mind and follow another path, our entire future changes, and to some degree the future of all those around us.

Thus, you can change if you wish to leave your human life. When souls decide to leave their physical lives, they take all their energy and their bodies become dead.

Then they leave the physical plane of the life once and for all, entering the ethereal plane of the planet. When a soul passes, it feels lighter as it is leaving all the feelings from bodily life behind.

When someone dies, the memories of absolutely everything that human being lived and experienced, the memories that are stored within the human brain, are taken by the soul and stored in the Akashic memories, in the Tree of Life.

The memories belong to their spirit, their greater or higher self. The soul has access to those memories anytime it wants.

Many times this is the spirits method of becoming aware of memories from the past and create awareness of prior existences both on planet earth and elsewhere about the cosmos.

Regardless of how it comes about, or if it comes about, Squirrel Control are always a result of the spirits free will to opt to experience or not experience a particular experience.

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